Mind the Shower Curtain

Tilly had lived in her flat for several years now and the shower curtain had been a regular problem since the day she moved in. It was never straight, it seemed to fall down when it felt like it and despite her buying umpteen new ones it never seemed to improve. The curtain pole itself was safe and secure, there had never been a problem with it but the actual curtain seemed to be cursed. The problem had started the day she arrived it – she put it up half an hour later it fell down, she checked the loops all seemed to be ok so she put it up again, same thing happened.

After a year of putting up with it she decided maybe a better option would be a glass one, well all she could say is thank goodness it was plastic coated glass, as the same thing happened again, some people said her house was possessed, she refused to believe it. Nothing else was a problem so why the shower curtain? One day a friend came and put the curtain back up again for her as she had sprained her wrist, interestingly it lasted a full month before she had to reattach one of the loops and then the whole thing fell down again. She started to wonder was it her that was the problem?

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