Complete? Not Even Started

When the world is in disarray it seems hard to start a project of any kind, what if I cant complete it? What if I want to carry on when things go back to normal? The barriers we create like this create a double standard – we mock others for being bored and demotivated but really all we are doing is transferring our own insecurities onto others. When life presents you with a challenge its important to try and grab it and run with it, otherwise you will live with the regret that you didn’t try.

Completing a goal should be a pleasurable and wondrous thing not a fight accompanied by a myriad of excuses as to why you are such a fuck up and haven’t completed it yet. Loving yourself should be easy but when you lie to yourself so often then why should you believe yourself? Forgive yourself for not completing it, dust yourself off like a child would after falling and get back on the horse. Life will keep pushing you until you do and its best not to suffer a permanent injury when you fall again.

Regaining time you lost is not possible you can only do more with your time going forward, sorry becomes a meaningless word if you are saying it every five minutes. There is no need to continually justify your life and apologise for your mistakes forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made, write a list of things you want do to improve yourself and get on with it.

All this might sound hollow when I have posted it so many times before but when faced with an abyss you learn to deal with it in whatever way we can. Life will keep throwing you curve balls the important thing is to be aware that you will get hit but you need to bat it away not let it bounce off you like a stone off a wall.

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