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Hallowed Ground – T-Minus What?

When Brook woke again she thought she was blind, the feeling of panic rose inside her then she realised as her eyes started to accustom to the darkness that it was just insanely dark. The panic subsided as was glad she wasn’t blind but renewed itself when she realised she was trapped, she didn’t think Leffe had meant like this, this was soulless how could any one function in conditions like these? She wondered if she could shout and get someones attention, maybe they would take pity, she reflected on that and scrapped the idea not even she would in these circumstances if you are stupid enough to get yourself kidnapped then suffer the consequences. Lying in the dark all of her senses heightened in order to try and find the most efficient, hearing was the most obvious choice but smell was also working overtime, there was a dank nasty smell and she didn’t want to know what it was to be honest. There was a rustling noise coming from somewhere, it was hard to tell where though, she tried concentrating hard but she just couldn’t focus on it well enough to try. “Hello?” she thought maybe if it was someone they would hear something at least, the rustling stopped, Brook tried again “hello?” this time she hear a voice come back “uhhh hello? who is this? are you my conscience?” then the voice giggled, “I’ve always wanted to say that” Brook was baffled “uhm no I’m Brook who are you?” there was another pause “I’m Emma, Leffe got you too huh?” Brook thought about this question, she guessed so he had definitely duped her, “yeah I guess he has, whatever he has planned he can jog on though, I’m no ones slave” Emma laughed “as if you have a choice in the matter, you’re stuck here until he says so love, just like I am.” Brook was serious, shit would hit the fan if it had to, “don’t you worry Emma, Ill have us out of here in no time.”

Leffe had placed Brook next to Emma, they wouldn’t find each other, it was too dark and they both assumed they were the only one. Surveying the courtyard it seemed that a few repairs needed to be made after the elephants efforts to free a certain pain in the backside, imagine if she had ridden it off into the sunset he thought to himself it would have been a disaster. At the moment they were off everyone’s radar in the city, no one had put two and two together yet, it was a perfect cover for Leffe and the locals took the fall if it ever came to it. The empire had been growing for a while now and life was going good, save the intermittent crazies he managed to pick up, Brook was impressive though, he didn’t know anyone like her. To be that irritating in such a short space of time was impressive, he would have to try and find someone to fob her off to, there was bound to be someone out there who wanted that in their lives. He would have to head back down to the hotel and pick up a few more, Rami was bringing some that afternoon, they were already allocated to some orders he had received, they would barely touch go before heading straight to their customers all being well.

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