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Who is Emma? T-Minus 45 Minutes

Leffe was stressed, he didn’t know where that elephant had come from but it had to go, he couldn’t have it wrecking the place like it just did people would find out. They would never kill an animal it was simply sedated and then sent back into the wild, but elephants were not generally near their area, in fact the nearest herd he knew of was some 1000 kilometres away, it would be impressive if they had come all that way but he couldn’t see how. Lighting a cigarette went some way to calming his nerves until “shit” he muttered “Brook” he rolled his eyes, then he froze, the elephant had headed straight for her cell, like it knew it where it was going, Leffe sighed and put it down to stress, no that was too ridiculous. He would have to go and see what was going on, it seemed strange no one had come to see him and update him, he was the boss after all.

Emma had been in the cells on the cave side of the hut, basically no windows at all – her door faced into the main corridor through, the permanent darkness had turned her skin pale, not that she hadn’t been pale before but she was now exceptionally so. Rumour had it she was on her way out this week, her end goal had always been to get to a city and find a rich man to marry, Leffe had promised that she would get what she deserved. It turned out her idea of what she deserved wasn’t the same as Leffe who despite his calm exterior was a tyrant underneath, she had followed him on the promise of a new life and working with animals. Leffe had locked her up a month ago, her meals came regularly she was allowed 15 minutes of light a day, the rest was spent in dark silence, it had turned her a little crazy and she often thought of the things she would do to him when she finally got to see him again. The darkness would end she knew it would, the light within her hadn’t died yet.

Brook was still sat with the elephant unable to leave for a whole host of reasons, she had wept for a while as the stress of the moment overwhelmed her but she had got herself together again and was staring at the elephant, she wondered where it had come from, this didn’t seem like a usual place for pachyderms. The sound of foot steps brought her out of her fugue state and she saw Leffe loom into view, she did a mental check, everything was still in her pockets, she watched as he picked his way across the debris from the wall and the window. Brook wanted answers but whether she would get them was something quite different, what the hell was this firstly and secondly when would she be leaving? She was more interested in the latter truth be told.

Leffe stood onto of the debris looking down on Brook he opened his mouth but Brook beat him to it “what the hell is this? and when am I leaving? when I said see the animals I did not mean this in anyway” her vitriol hissed and spat at him like a boiling pot of chip fat which was riddled with pockets of crunchy bits exploding. Leffe took a second, he couldn’t believe he invited her she was so annoying, he had no idea what he was thinking to be honest, he entertained the idea of letting her go but then his little operation would no longer be a secret. Killing her would be an option but slightly messy as she was clearly a fighter, no one would want her though she was too opinionated to be someones slave. “This is where you live now until I say so, you will do as I say as a prisoner in this hut, we will move you to somewhere safer, clearly there are herds of elephants in the area” Leffe pulled his phone out and called one of the boys to come down and sort the mess out and take her to the special suite.

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