Trumped By An Elephant T-Minus 1.5 Hours

Brook was taken into the ‘house’ – which in reality was just a bigger hut than the rest of them, it seemed to go on forever but that might have been the lack of proper lighting. The dimly lit corridor they were walking actually travelled back into the cliff face, it had been easy to create a network of caves to keep the operation a secret, miles and miles and only three people knew the exact layout. Once you were left in the main area you were never coming back, five were already lost as they tried to escape thinking that heading through the caves would somehow take them back to the rest of the world again.

Finally she was thrown into a cell with the usual bed, sink, window unlike most prison cells it had a beautiful view but she would only see that if she lived until daylight. Brook was fuming with herself, waterfalls not animals, waterfalls, she’d had a bad feeling since the cafe, why she didn’t heed it was a conversation she would need to have with herself later but right now escape was the plan. Whatever Leffe had planned he could swivel on it Brook was no slave to anyone, she looked round her cell, the window bars seemed pretty loose, she could feel a strip running along the bottom, she grabbed her deodorant spray and quickly sprayed the window area the lasers shone like sun beams.

Disappointed with the result she was glad she checked, now to consider other options, clearly they took security very seriously, escape was not going to be easy but nothing is impossible. It didn’t seem like they were coming back to get Brook this evening, she had been left to her own devices, she sat on the bed listening to the forest around her, it was calm and collected unlike how she felt inside. There was a rustling noise which sounded like it was coming closer, it sounded quite large which it must have been given that the window was the opposite side of the hut. She could see the courtyard and the trees on the other side when she looked right out the window, if she looked left she saw a winding coastal road in the distance. The noise was loud now – she would laugh if it was an elephant coming to rescue her – she looked towards the trees to see what it was and within minutes an elephant came screaming into the courtyard making enough noise to wake the dead.

Brook was speechless as she watched the elephant carry straight on up to her end of the hut heading directly for her window, she moved away to the door side, she overheard Leffe shouting something and people running just as the wall caved in and the elephant collapsed into her cell. Horrified she ran to check if the poor animal was still alive, its eyes had closed and she wasn’t 100% sure if it was breathing or gas, it seemed to be breathing, clearly it had been shot with a tranquilliser dart. She sat next to the elephant confused and slightly dazed by the whole experience, if she left now she left the elephant in their hands plus how on earth was she going to make it out of the jungle or along the coast alive?

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