Peering Through The Slats – T-Minus 6.5 Hours

Last time we joined Brook she was in a cafe having received a warning via a note on her menu. Fast forward to that evening when Brook was due to meet Leffe to go see the animals, he had been quite vague about the whole thing but he seemed ok and by all accounts she wasn’t a terrible judge of character so they would have to see how right she was, she added her special key ring to her belt loop just in case. After the note in the cafe this afternoon she felt like she should be a bit more wary of things, she was here for waterfalls not drama. The hotel seemed busy even though there was no one around, you could hear people talking in every room but it was as if they were stuck in the walls, this perplexed Brook surely they must be somewhere around she thought to herself.

It was just before 7 so she headed down to the common area to wait for Leffe, as she walked round the corner he was already there and there was one other person who she didn’t recognise. Well maybe there were animals to see she thought to herself “Hi Leffe, I hope i’m not late” she smiled at him and the new person “I’m Brook by the way, nice to meet you” she held out her hand to shake theirs but the look she received was just blank, no understanding at all. Brook gave Leffe a quizzical look Leffe looked around and realised “oh excuse me no they only speak tribal languages” right thought Brook well that’s useful to know, she flicked the GPS tracker in her shoe on, she wanted it recording her every movement this evening, something was in the air she could sense it.

As they were ushered to a 4×4 car on the street Brook sat next to Leffe as she knew he spoke the same language at least. They sat in the tiny minibus for what seemed like hours over bumpy roads – possibly at one point no road at all – until they finally came to a grinding halt. Leffe had fallen asleep and it was starting to get dark, Brook was confused as to how someone could just fall asleep like that, she elbowed him gently “Leffe we are here, where ever that is” Leffe opened his eyes, groggy from his adrenaline crash he wasn’t really in the mood for anything right now let alone dropping off a new one, especially not one so clingy. “Yup we are” he opened the door and jumped off the bus, Brook looked around quickly before gathering her stuff and climbing out, she stood in the middle of what seemed to be a farm yard but in a jungle.

“So whats the plan? Are we heading straight into the jungle or waiting until its properly dark and then taking night vision goggles?” Brook was used to proper expeditions rather than a wing and a prayer. Leffe rolled his eyes “ugh I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but there are no animals, you are here until we say so” he dropped his gaze then looked over her shoulder as someone was walking up behind Brook. She heard the footsteps and closed her handover her key ring, a arm gripped her from behind and she rammed the key ring into what she hoped was a leg immediately behind her. There was a scream and they let go of Brook who whipped round to get a better look at her attacker only to be caught by Leffe from behind as she managed to boot them in the face producing more screaming. Leffe tutted in the same way a Bond villain might and placed Brook in handcuffs “you are coming inside madam, we will have no more of that behaviour now will we.”

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