Isnt it odd – T-Minus 18.5 Hours to Go

Brook sat in the common room, they had been shoved all together in a small hotel, the last two weeks had been challenging, she had no idea who these other people were and yet they all seemed to know her. It had all started when she arrived at the beginning of her 3 month gap, she had been planning to travel round various continents and upon arriving at the airport of her first country she was met by who she thought was her local guide, what happened next made her wonder whether she would ever get home at all.

As she walked through the doors at the arrivals lounge she saw a reassuring sign “Brook Lassiter” they had even spelt her name right, the relief washed over her as she headed towards the sign. The person she thought was Rami met her with a smile, even introducing herself as Rami, they went to the car, Brook threw her bag into the boot of the car and jumped in the front, ‘Rami’ made conversation all the way to their ‘hotel’ which was the place she was now, everything seemed normal, the rest of the people there were backpackers and greeted her with a warm reception. ‘Rami’ showed her to her room upstairs and quickly retreated, Brook looked round the room still everything looked normal, no obvious cameras or anything untoward so she made sure her things were secure and retreated back downstairs to the common room, it was empty so she grabbed a coffee and made herself comfortable. There was a local newspaper on the table and although she couldn’t make out the headline there seemed to be familiar people in the picture, one even looked a bit like ‘Rami’ – it looked a bit like a wanted photo, she hoped that it was either something else or just a strange way to take a picture for a front cover if it was ‘Rami’

After half an hour or so one of the other backpackers appeared he was tall and blonde sticking out like a saw thumb amongst all the darker skinned locals, she smiled and said “Hi” although she had no idea if he spoke English, he said “Hi” back, well that answered that then. The tall one sat down and smiled “Im Leffe, nice to meet you” it was a slightly Germanic accent that Brook couldn’t quite place “I’m Brook, nice to meet you too”. Leffe looked a little shy despite being tall, a slightly hunched sitting position gave that away. Brook smiled a little awkwardly “so what brings you here? are you here for the waterfalls as well?” Leffe laughed “uhm no I am here to learn about the animals, I didn’t even know there were waterfalls around here” Brook was confused, there were animals everywhere why here specifically, it seemed an oddly dangerous place to come and learn about elephants, “oh right, is there a national park near here? I don’t remember seeing one on the map” Leffe tapped his nose “no, but there is a secret place, they promised me they would show me this evening”. Brook raised half an eyebrow “fair enough, I might join you if you dont mind, always up for exploring” Leffe couldnt see any reason why not “of course, we leave at 7pm just come down and meet me here” Brook smiled and thanked him, “im off out for an explore I think are there any good cafes near here?” Leffe told her about one 2 blocks away, “just be careful, take a stick with you”

Part 2 of 5 – to be continued.

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