Departure Time in T-Minus 22.5 Hours – Part 1

They were so close they could smell it, less than a day until they could leave this godforsaken place. Being stuck for months on end with no where to go and no privacy had started to take its toll on all of them. All 10 of them had ended up there by accident, stranded because they were being quarantined due to some information leak and somehow they had all been implicated in the fiasco, it was unfortunate as none of them had anything to do with it, simply a case of mistaken identity, someone had attempted rather badly to do face fits not thinking that the authorities would do DNA tests rather than visual identity verification which of course meant all the charges were dropped immediately, unfortunately it had taken 2 weeks to actually run the tests because they tried interrogations first.

Post 1 of 5 tune in tomorrow for more “Departure Time”

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