An Acre of Moon – Quadrant Charlie

In the days when you could sell anything to anyone it was possible to buy an acre of moon, whether you could actually move to it now is an entirely different conversation. Trey sat staring at his information pack, Quadrant Charlie was the name written on the front, he started visualizing what life would be like living on the moon, obviously the moon would need preparing for human life it wasn’t just a case of throwing some clothes in a suitcase and hopping on a space ship. None the less it would be an ideal way to escape the ridiculous situation they had on earth, the world was slowly being taken over by a virus which was picking people off left, right and centre. It seemed to be affecting some more than others, with an alarming number of people asymptomatic i.e. showing no symptoms at all unknowingly spreading it to those less fortunate with their immunity, life was becoming more and more restricted and people were starting to crack around the edges, life was complicated.

A move to the moon could only make life easier, not as many people and hermetically sealed spaces so they didn’t have to share their germs with everyone else. There were companies looking at space tourism but it was a slow process due to costs and the fact that really there was nowhere to stay or eat when you actually got there. If it was possible he would in a heart beat as he was literally at the end of his tether, people had no concept of social distancing and their spacial awareness seemed to be 0.5m rather than the full 2m, they were permanently glued to their phones and unaware of the rest of the world as per usual. Despite the authorities best efforts there were always some who would disregard the rules – he had wondered if changing it so that people were charged with murder for spreading the disease would make people think twice? Other countries were using bio-terrorism laws to charge people, maybe murder would concentrate peoples minds? Of course there would always be exceptions to the rule as some things just happen by accident but for those who were essentially the equivalent of ‘driving without due care and attention’ should be reprimanded for their thoughtless actions. Putting vulnerable people at risk was irresponsible never mind potentially infecting those who were perfectly healthy, it seemed that the virus didn’t discriminate there were perfectly healthy people dropping in ICUs all over the country despite not having any preexisting conditions which might affect their immune systems.

It was a strange situation and frankly all a little too close to a man-made bio-weapon in his book, it was clearing out a load of people, the only upside to the current situation was watching nature flourish and pollution levels decrease. It was great to see the influx of animals and birds all over the world, exploring safely and realising that life is still much better in the country, although bears were stealing avocados from the trees in some places, but that couldn’t be helped. Whilst he was stuck on lock down Trey decided the only thing to do would be to plan his escape, he had an acre of moon maybe he could get hold of a company that would help him escape, the worst they would say is no and even then it wasn’t like he was doing much else. It would have to be a secret though, he opened his laptop and opened a secure browser, then used a triple encrypted line, he didn’t need the world and his wife knowing what he was up to, there was no need for visitors on this trip.

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