An Introduction to Working From Home

Its been a month since lock down started for me, and I have been working my normal 5 days in 4 from my office. In many respects its a pleasurable experience as it gives me space from the work office and has actually brought my team closer together which is a definite advantage. Despite this there are always ups and downs and whether we like it or not good days and bad, for me it was the first time I had missed the office and being able to ask a question face to face rather than email and wait for an answer.

Life has certainly changed since this virus hit us and there are plenty of things that I have been inadvertently prepared for simply because I am writing a book, reinforcing to me that my choice to write a book is a good thing. The book itself is taking forever and a day to finish but I am now determined to get this first draft finished and edited before my birthday next month. This requires me to kick myself up the backside and remind myself that once my book is done and i’ve sold enough to make the bestsellers list then I will be on the right road.

Working from home is a huge change for those who have never before, its a completely different work ethic and process I think largely because there is no travel time other than the 2 seconds it takes to walk down the hall or to wherever your office is, hardly the 30 minute plus commute we would normally be doing. The travel time for me is important it provides distance and processing time for the beginning and the end of the day, its almost like theres a need to go sit some where different for your travel time but where can you go? Well planned exercise is the perfect opportunity so why not take half an hour and go for a walk to blow some steam off after work or before hand its entirely up to you and how you prefer to work.

Virtual meetings are tiring, your brain struggles after a certain amount of time, take a break afterwards and get away from the screen, the meetings I have normally run over 30 minutes so by the time its over I am definitely ready for a stretch and a glass of water. Tidy your office space, sounds crazy but I have found that ensuring my office is tidy before I leaves is better for me mentally plus I dont have to spend 5 minutes clearing my desk before I start.

Take regular breaks, it does your concentration the world of good and stops you from getting square eyes by the end of the day. Keep in contact with your office, if you dont have any team software then Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom are one of many programmes you can use to communicate together without having to use your phone to call the office all the time.

What tips do you have for working from home? Let me know in the comments below or join the conversation at facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or twitter.com/onlynomesforyou

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