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Beer Is Here

The iconic beverage that is beer has been around for some very long rime. It is a drink loved by many in shops, restaurants and pubs. Since the beginning of the lockdown when many places which sold this illustrious elixir have closed and sales of alcohol in supermarkets increased significantly hardly a huge surprise but what a lot of people will be missing is the social part of drinking in pubs and going to restaurants. We are now bound to our humble abodes until the great leader says so and when that will be is anyone’s guess.

The social aspect of drinking allows us to interact with others and let off steam in some cases. It can produce violent behaviour in some and be completely harmless in others. They say divorce rates will rise in the wake of the lockdown and it’s hard to argue against people even those who love each other dearly struggle sometimes and when you have no space it makes it that much harder. Sure we save money by staying in but at what cost? A lack of structure will see some finding beer o clock and any time of the day, a habit hard to shake when we eventually get to the back end of this crisis situation.

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