A Can Do Attitude

When the going gets tough – the tough get rough as the saying goes! A can do attitude will go a long way in a world filled with adversity, whether you know you can or not is irrelevant its the effort you put in that counts. If you arent sure how to do something there is always someone to ask, for instance using Google to research any questions you might have – if you have thought of it there is bound to be someone who has asked it before and if there isnt you can ask the question and someone is bound to know the answer. Take the pup in the picture, he saw that UPS might be struggling with their deliveries and hes uniformed pup to help. There are 1000s of things that need to be done at the moment and the likelihood of there being an opportunity for help is extremely high, the UK Government called for volunteer helpers they answered the call in their thousands within days. Social media is a powerful tool for getting people engaged and involved, there will always be the odd unhelpful and ungrateful people who will leave unhelpful comments but its important to ignore them as they are simply looking to gain a reaction not be helpful. If you are feeling grateful but no idea how to give back now is the best time to find a way.

Food banks are a classic example, not only people to donate the food but people to distribute it, companies have been getting involved by donating lifting equipment to help move it, why not sign up and offer your help?

Needing to earn some money? Care companies and hospital cleaners are always required, there is of course risk which comes with this and at the moment PPE is not as well distributed as it could be but the situation will improve.

Elderly neighbours and the vulnerable do not always have someone to help with the shopping or simply someone to talk to, why not check on your neighbours and maybe put a slip through their door with your details they can get in touch with you if needed. Find out from the NCVO how you can stay safe and still protect yourself from COVID-19.

Are you a professional with time on your hands? The UN Volunteers for Novel Coronavirus needs you find out more details here.

One last word – look after each other in these difficult times, in this world of uncertainty people are not themselves and a can-do might always not be appreciated immediately but you will reap the rewards in the long term.

Have you been helping? How did you get involved? What inspired you? Let me know in the comments below or join the conversation at facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or twitter.com/onlynomesforyou

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