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Punctual from the Start

Punctuality is a trait that cannot be taught as far as I can tell, our parents influence us whilst we are growing up, we emulate them so if they are constantly early/on-time/late chances are you will pick up that habit. Constantly late is a habit people need to shed as soon as possible, school attempts to teach us time keeping but it doesnt always work, being late wastes everyone’s time – is normally irritates the people you are meeting and robs you of time you can never reclaim. Personally I would rather be 10 minutes early to appointments, it gives me time to sit down and collect myself before I go in but at a push I will settle for on-time, late simply stresses me out and stops me from performing at my best.

It comes down to time management (ironically the rest of my time management is frankly piss poor but if I have an appointment booked that seems to change rapidly) and good habits, starting with good habits is always the best way but sometimes a little self-teaching is required or a really good planning system. There are 1000s of planners available, printables, pre-printed, the bullet diary system if none of these work for you then try and combine the elements you like from the options and tailor it to your requirements, there is no right way or wrong way simply find what works for you, if you make it fun, it wont seem so hard. The calendar on my phone works perfectly for appointments but for things that occur everyday like workouts/meditation etc then I use Grow to track my habit forming, as you complete one task a day it grows a tree so you can see your progress. There are literally 100s of different apps all performing the same function so find one that works for you.

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