A Super-Fan In The Making

Teegan was excited, she was off to see her favourite singer songwriter, the posters adorned her walls as did the bed covers. She idolised their very existence often ignoring real life friends for imaginary conversations she would have in the future with them. Tonight she had saved up and bought the super-fan package which included a meet and greet, she was ecstatic. It would be everything she had imagined and more she just knew it, her life would be complete and they would be together forever, she was 24 and attractive what was not to like right?

The whole experience was something she wasnt sure she would cherish forever more than chalk it up to a bad experience, the concert was amazing and the VIP suite was ok but the meet and greet was a disaster, they barely had time to say hi before the next person, this wasnt right she shouldnt have to share, it was her meet and greet. Then when she caught up with them in the street they didnt want to know anymore, Teegan was heart broken, rejection normally happened to other people not her. The mirror showed a face filled with resentment not gratitude she ignored it for as long as she could, stewing on the situation. Finally realising after several weeks it was pointless to fight with herself, she would have another opportunity to meet them, it wasnt over yet.

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