5 Uplifting Thoughts in an Anxious World

The world as we know is in turmoil, the uncertainty is ruling some of our lives and anxiety is rife. Here are 5 uplifting thoughts to cut through all the negative noise swirling around us.

  1. You are alive – this might not be obvious to some, but lets face it if you were dead you wouldnt be reading this post would you? It might seem bad now but believe you me it could and will probably get worse so dont get hung up on how bad it is now – you wont be prepared if it gets worse.
  2. Nature is thriving – they say nature always wins, there is plenty of evidence of that as well, with stories of goats invading a village in Wales and coyotes roaming around US towns, whilst that might not be ideal we can see things healing itself, the weather is improved from the huge reduction in pollution which has happened over the last 8 to 10 weeks due to factories being closed.
  3. Life will go on – its fair to say and I seem to be repeating myself a lot here but life goes on, it will not be the same as before and why should it be? Battling and conquering this pandemic will make us stronger but we have to accept we will be doing things far differently to before, going back to the same routine and re-triggering a spike will only land us back in a worst situation than before so things will have to change, technology will become even more important in our lives. It will be hard process for economic recovery but we will get there as long as we all help.
  4. Its your time to shine – all those people who have the audacity to write you off – prove them there is no need to let other people force their own insecurities on you, they will judge you either way so its best not to give them an opportunity to be proven right.
  5. You get in life what you have the courage to ask for – now is the time to ask for the things you want, reassess your life because the chance of us having this opportunity again is as rare as rocking horse shit, yes some people are making it out there will be be some kind of mad max apocalyptic situation but that is highly unlikely in the scheme of things and even if it did happen you will been in a better position to ask because you can rebuild yourself as you like.

Be strong and stay safe, life will carry on, remember you are enough.

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