Spit into the Wind

Spitting into the wind is undesirable in so many ways but mainly because of the inference it will come straight back to you. So why would you want to do such a thing? Well it could be by accident but its normally because of sheer lack of awareness of one’s surroundings, another apt phrase would be those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, are you willing to risk shattering glass around you? And yes that is a metaphor for your existence, so is it worth it, really?

Think about your world, how fragile it can be, with so many of us locked down around the world, there are many who aren’t coping well and their negative reactions are only causing more pain and upset to everyone that reads it, we are quick to say be kind but when it comes to it people prefer to criticise rather than empathise with others. It’s a sad thing to observe, that humanity obviously has some evolutionary issues it’s still catching up with in certain parts of the world. Life will give you every opportunity to do it the right way but without the belief and commitment its dead in the water. So start taking the opportunities you are subconsciously creating, you can’t keep recreating the same one so it will look different each time but you have to take the leap and find you where you end up.

At the moment life is full of uncertainty and craziness so it’s easy to get lost in the swirl of the media frenzy but if you can get away from it and look at the situation objectively it becomes a whole different story. So remember spitting in the wind will only get you wet.

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