Pritt: A Chilly Start

Pritt looked out the window it was a stunning day and not a cloud in the sky, she knew she had to make a trip outside even if it was just to the end of the street and back. The sun was warm through the window and she stood admiring the garden knowing that hay fever would ravage her the moment she opened it. Deciding that now was probably as good a time as any she threw on her hoodie, grabbed her bag and headed out as she was.

As she opened the front door it was clear it was a crisp day, there was a breeze flowing through the trees, she hadn’t been out for several days now, there were still restrictions on movement from the government, but she just had to get out she couldn’t stay in any longer. Stepping down into the garden the breeze was less gentle spring and more like northern arctic, she shivered “oh well” she thought to herself “itll warm up”. The further down the path she got the more apparent it was that the wind was cold and the only way it was going to warm up is if the wind dropped completely. Rubbing her arms and hands she ploughed on, desperate for some space between her and her assigned lock down space, it was hard, the wind was stubborn and kept brushing past her reminding her of its icy blast.

As she got to the end of her road she didnt stop, just a few blocks more and then she would come back, she checked around her to make sure there wasnt anyone near. As no one was around she walked a full 5 blocks before deciding that although she was brave she was not that brave and turned back. She felt accomplished for pushing her but her body was reminding her that she was used to the warmth of the house, the shivering had set in and she kicked up her speed a notch to get her home quicker.

The warmth of the house hit her as she opened the front door, it gave her some perspective on how much she actually needed the heating, maybe it needed to be turned down just a little bit, there was no need for it to be so warm all the time, but in that moment it was most definitely needed. Slipping into some comfy clothes and putting her big slippers on started the warm up process and then she topped it off with a warm drink. After that experience she vowed not to leave it so long in between trips outside, it was important to get out and do some exercise, she also vowed to check the weather to see how cold it was meant to be, clearly warmth through a sunny window did not equate to outside temperatures.

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