Note Books – The Beginning

A creative’s notebook can serve many different purposes, the start of a new story, a collection of old notes and memories even a space to simply order their thoughts. I think its time to start a new ‘notebook’ but this one will be purely digital rather than the slightly disjointed paper and pen books I have.

In a world where people watching is currently banned, and will never be the same way ever again, its fair to say the way that certain creatives function will change forever. I have found Facebook to be a place in which we can watch people safely from a distance, however my biggest problem currently is the sheer amount of negativity let loose with the virus.

People feel disenfranchised as if their human rights have been taken away, what they don’t seem to realise is the restrictions we currently face are to keep us all safe. The economy cannot survive without workers and if there are no workers then how do they expect there to be a world to come back to after all of this is over? Whilst this has been the basis for many a novel I dont think there is any need to perpetuate the negativity emanating from people. There are enough authors already writing dystopic novels without the need for depicting current events. It would be a sad day if the Governments decide that the economy is more important than the workers, especially as there is a chance it would only increase the chance of us losing even more people and putting our healthcare system under even more pressure

There are also plenty of people who seemingly have little insight to how their negativity spreads, especially in viral posts, the number of people sharing angry letters and comments is tantamount to inciting hatred, the myriad of people responding either agreeing with the person or chastising the person who wrote it is simply despicable. Those people who have time to torment others need a digital detox, by that I mean banning from social media as clearly they cant be trusted to be an adult and just leave it. I appreciate that its not easy at the moment but everyone is in a similar situation, the key workers chastised for parking in your street could well be having to risk their lives to save yours so a little respect in this situation would go a very long way.

Then there are the angels simply trying to be helpful and encourage people, positivity and affirmations wont stop you from getting the virus however it should help you remain sane until this is over, life will never ever be the same and we have to accept that but it doesn’t mean its a change for the worst. Sharing positive messages and projects to get people involved are an important part of encouraging people, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs highlights our needs and deficiencies, feelings of accomplishment come from being able to contribute and help others. At the moment we are currently struggling with all 5 of the basic needs and there are a number of us doing their best to encourage others. Meeting all needs at all times even in a normal world situation can be difficult so is it any wonder we are struggling under all this pressure.

Today has been an interesting exercise in trying to people watch objectively in a digital setting, you will never see these people in real life and their influence is but temporary, I can see a combination of them entering a future story but it is best not to carry their negativity around with you.

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