Ache: All Those Recovery Feels

As we are only allowed out once a day for exercise its important to introduce a regime at home to keep yourself active, with the help of my friend I am pushing myself more and more each day. I have mentioned before Joe Wicks and his PE lessons on Youtube, 9am in the morning is a great time to be exercising, firstly for those who are not huge fans it gets it over and done with although if you miss the live version its always on playback for those who prefer to tackle them later in the day but lets face it – most of us arent going anywhere at the moment and as long as you are in the same(ish) timezone then you can tune in and have some fun. I personally havent tried it but I have seen many of my friends getting their kids involved and the feedback on his Instagram page from adults who are really enjoying it. A few of the heartwarming stories have brought tears to my eyes, its great to see how much of a different its making to peoples lives. To those of you who havent tried anything at all, I urge you to find something, PE with Jo is not for everyone, the joys of Youtube means there is something for everyone so don’t despair, dont feel self conscious because the only people that will criticise are the ones who feel ashamed they arent motivated to do it for themselves.

To those ladies who don’t want to follow a video at all and just want an ass like those girls you see on Instagram then invest in the ‘Shaggy’ greatest hits and I assure you the first 4 tracks are a perfect beat for a squat and lunge workout and if you listen to the lyrics they are far more empowering than some random work out track. To the men out there, I still recommend shaggy but if you don’t fancy blasting it so the neighbours can hear find an album or workout playlist that kicks you up the backside lord knows Spotify and Deezer have enough of them. There are a huge number of different kinds of squats you can do, mix it up if you like or just see how many more you can do each time. Just 20 minutes a day is all you need, if you want to build up over time there is nothing stopping you, add another 5 minutes, just make sure you have plenty of water to keep you hydrated because you will sweat like there is no tomorrow, most importantly no equipment needed, if you feel like trying a weighted squat find a door stop, large book, even a bag of unopened sugar will do.

Recovery time is really important, if you overcook it one day and you are really hurting still the next day you have three obvious choices, skip, reduce or push yourself further. Remember that unless you are generally fit and healthy i.e. you exercised regularly before all this started then your muscles will be screaming because they are being used not because you have actually pulled anything (trust me its obvious when you pull something) so really there should be no need to skip a day, by all means take it easier on yourself but your body wont necessarily thank you for it especially if you go back to normal the following day. Just remember if you dip out you have to make it up so weigh up which you would prefer to do.

Recovery can be aided in a number of ways, those of you who already have a fitness regime will understand this and already have the supplements or a routine that you go through, its important to note that supplements are not essential and with these troubling times you might have a challenge on your hands getting hold of them so don’t think that you are losing out. Here are some top tips to get you started without shelling out for a bunch of pills and potions.

  • Cool down/Stretch – I cannot emphasis this enough, so many people don’t do it and wonder why they cant walk the next day, 5 minutes extra on the mat is all you need.
  • Drink plenty of water – if they have added electrolytes even better if not you will need another way of adding them back in, salt and potassium are important for the body.
  • Foods – for 20 minutes a day I personally wouldnt bother but remember you will need to eat something afterwards, waiting for your next meal is not something I would encourage. Carbs count too – a protein flapjack or granola bar is perfect post-work out, they are easy to make with that muesli that you forgot about at the back of the cupboard and keep meaning to use up.

Stay healthy and happy everyone – what have you been doing to keep active? if you havent what would make you jump to it? Let me know in the comments below or join the conversation at facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or twitter.com/onlynomesforyou

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