Be Kind In Troubling Times: An Empty Fridge

Not a problem I am currently suffering from – an empty fridge but there are many suffering at the moment. There are not food shortages simply people being greedy and not letting the supermarkets refill their shelves in time, the lack of thought and respect for others is sad and spreading like wildfire. Life is the same for all of us, with the exception that some remain privileged enough to remain working and paid, those who work in a supermarket risk themselves as much as front line staff, no PPE at all, the difference being they rely on the public to be honest and stay away if they have symptoms, signs at every entrance remind you if you have symptoms please do not enter.

The NHS front line is the first port of call for those with symptoms and we rely on them to support us through this troubling time, medical staff have now started dying like in Italy leaving bereaved family, friends and colleagues. Yet people still think its ok to go out and do as they please, the government has now written to every household strongly advising us to stay home, this is a sign of enforcement, much like in a job with a three strike policy you have received multiple verbal warnings, we how have a written one, please do not continue to push your luck you will be punished and you will tar everyone with your filthy brush! Why should we have to be punished because others feel they are above the law, as the government raise the stakes, in the USA you will be arrested and charged with terrorism and biological warfare.

UK terrorism offences have no limit on how long they can detain you for and is it really worth the quarantine and prison charge whether you think it doesnt apply to you or not they will find a way of enforcing it, I draw your attention to the Coronavirus Act as passed by the UK Government, they have powers to charge a fixed penalty for breaching the rules. At the moment it hasnt reached the stage where we are charged with terrorism but dont think that it wont have crossed the Governments minds if we continue to flaunt their what are frankly reasonable requests. Yes it sucks the weather is beautiful and we can’t go outside but given the fact we dont know exactly how it spreads do you not think its better to try and make the best of a shitty situation and stay at home? or would you prefer to be like France and only be allowed out once a day and have to show papers getting fined 150 euros if you breach the rules? I know which id rather.

Its a shame to keep having to rant about this every other day but it seems that we are stuck in a school yard situation where the only thing that might work is peer pressure. To the people sunbathing in the park – expect to have your white privilege taken from you and the wrath of people who have been doing as their told. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below join the conversation at Facebook.com or twitter.com/

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