Compound The Issue Why Don't You?

A compound is a combination of elements mixed together much like life and the way in which this current ‘crisis’ is unfolding. As we watch it all unfold around us, trying to wade through the barrage of information we find ourselves confused. Trying to listen to the most knowledgeable to get the ‘right’ answer may not always be the simplist way of understanding how our future will be affected, but is its the easiest way in a complicated world.

Defining what constitutes a right answer in these turbulent times should relate to tangible facts but at the moment we are armed with a bunch of statistics and a model for how we would like it to be. Scientists are working hard with the information they have but what if the code they were given was simply a ruse to buy more time? Months spent working on something that may never come to fruition, we can but only hope that we will make some breakthroughs soon to boost our moral if nothing else.

As tensions run high people are showing their true colours in a crisis and its starting to get ugly. Who knows what will happen with the government now with Boris Johnson in hospital having contracted the very virus that he has placed us in lock down for, i’m sure the irony is not lost on some. It seems that a lesson is on its way for all of us and whether we like it or not we will be learning it, time will tell how long we will continue to be in this situation because people are still going out and flaunting themselves with no care for themselves or others, there are others taken by greed in a world that should be sharing when they can, we live in times not of shortages but of misplaced greed and laziness.

Most people filled their cupboards and bought all the loo roll because they knew they wouldn’t have to go out again for a while, fair enough its responsible to stay at home however, they could have just gone out less often a bit of mid term rather than short term planning is required, because at the moment we are only going for 3 weeks at a time and we are hurtling through at a rate of knots.

Its hard to think at all with all this noise going on around us but take a moment to consider what you would do if you have to be in this for longer than you had originally thought.

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