As I Hurtle Through Time & Space

As I hurtle through time and space I see my life passing me by, those moments I wish I had embraced now gone. In the distance I see new opportunities awaiting my arrival, everything seems to be moving so fast I can’t keep up, life waves as it hurtles in the opposite direction. After a while I see everything slowing down around me, yet I am still hurtling at a rate of knots towards the end of this wormhole in time and space.

Life is shouting slow down, its your time now focus on what is in front of you. I feel myself start to reduce speed, the lack of control remains but its at least slower, I start reaching for opportunity after opportunity, some fizzle and pop, some soar like birds lifting me to another level. Life waves again as it passes happy that at least some of the lessons thrown at me have stuck.

Missed opportunities (for whatever reason) are just that, you weren’t prepared, but that’s OK because you know better now. As we create our own opportunities you have to accept that the ones coming to you are the ones you are subconsciously desiring whether that be positive or negative.

So in order to create opportunities you want you need to find the thing you want the most and focus, the law of attraction has been proven true on a number of occasions, it does however rely on a positive mindset, if your mindset is anything but then be prepared to take a battering by your own hand.

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