The Unholy Truth

Life is as easy as you make it, whether we like it or not we are thrown into a life less ordinary or a path less trodden but it is our job to interpret it and make of it what we will. Positivity comes from self love and care within us not others and life will often challenge you when it has a lesson to learn, embrace the challenge do not fight it and remember the past is the past you cannot change it – you can only change the future.

Over time I have learnt that searching for reasons why is futile and whilst you continue to concentrate on the past you will never progress because you aren’t giving any attention to the future and your new goals. The last thing you want is to be stuck facing backwards when you should be going forwards.

Take some time (Lord knows we have enough at the moment) and really think about your happiness, is there anything you can change or work towards? With all the free resources available at the moment there’s bound to be something suitable for you to learn, for those who need extra help you need to research David Goggins understand there is no need to match him (you will never do it) you need to understand and appreciate his determination and positive mindset.

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