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5 Breakfasts to Kick Start Your Day

  1. Oatmeal/Porridge – This versatile dish is treated with caution by many but it should be embraced, there is always a dairy free mylk option for those who are so inclined. You can make it hot and top it with a load of toppings (your choice but my favourite is lots of fruit and nuts or even a swirl of peanut butter and some dark chocolate chips if you need a pick me up). You can make it cold again lots of toppings (get creative it doesn’t have to be boring), you will either need to make it the night before or make sure you have half an hour to put it in the fridge to let the oats ‘cook’ in the liquid. If you have mason jars or similar for the cold version they are perfect for batches or simply portion control as you can make a few in advance for you and the family – they last roughly 2 to 3 days in the fridge, if you feel like a treat try Panaceas Pantry’s Jaffa Overnight Oats for some chocolatey orange goodness.
    topped oatmeal
  2. Pancakes – Buttermilk or plant based, American fluffy pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, eggs, or dairy free yogurt, fruit and nuts. French crepes with Nutella, or even savoury with some cheese/bacon or for plant based – tomatoes and mushrooms. The possibilities are endless, make the batter the night before to save time in the morning just make sure you cover it in the fridge. Similar rules apply to waffles, if you have a waffle machine its pretty much the same recipe as an american pancake.
    stack of pancakes
  3. Granola bars – readily available in many shops – the one thing I will say is that they tend to be loaded with sugar so if you can make your own then all the better. Nigella has a couple of excellent recipes with dairy and the 2.0 recipe without dairy. Perfect for putting in the fridge to grab in the morning or for a post workout pick me up. Mixed dried fruit is fine to use as the candied orange offers a little twist – top with chocolate for extra indulgence.
  4. Crumpets and Frumpets – So one of my favourite accounts on Instagram has always been whatiateforbreakfast Emily is a goddess of invention, queen of poached eggs and as far as im concerned inventor of the Frumpet. What is a frumpet? Its a French Toast Crumpet of course! Use giant ones if you can for maximum effect, top with a selection of sweet or savoury toppings and admire your handiwork. In fact her work with crumpets doesnt stop there, behold the mighty giant crumpet, marvel at its beauty and indulge as soon as you can. Go follow her on Instagram for daily updates – you will not be disappointed.
    Giant Spinach Egg Crumpet - whatiateforbreakfast
  5. Toast – Not very inventive I hear you cry? Upping your toast game isnt difficult, discard that horrible batch baked bread you use for lunch boxes and opt for a better quality bread, be it sourdough, date and walnut, rye bread there are a host of different options, they are worth the investment. Toppings can be anything sweet or savoury or both, my favourite being banana and peanut butter on a wholemeal sourdough. There are literally no limits so go experiment. 
    Toast Ideas

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