Perplexed – PPF3 Mask Shortage

According to the BMJ – “medical masks serve as a physical barrier to prevent the spraying and inhalation of infective respiratory droplets. It acts as a deterrent, a reminder not to touch our faces. While masks may not offer absolute protection against coronavirus, it is better than no respiratory protection at all. Undeniably, masks do not replace frequent hand hygiene. It cannot, also substitute for higher levels of PPE. In the hospital environment, every attendee should be considered a potential carrier. That is where the role of medical masks lie. Similarly, condoms do not guarantee prevention of unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases but using them correctly will greatly minimise the risk.”

In troubling times such as these confusion is rife and ignorance is contagious, the media are taking every opportunity to maximise their profit margins by playing on those who don’t understand but don’t wish to be enlightened either. Governments around the world are reaching out to try to ‘flatten the curve’ but there are some who just don’t seem to see past the end of their nose. Supermarket shopping this morning was an interesting exercise, we were kept at a 2 metre distance before we entered the supermarket then people went into their usual fugues with literally no concern for others, I was mowed down twice by people simply looking at their lists, so really its fair to say that although social distancing by staying home is working but the problem is when they are allowed out. I saw people with bandannas around their face, construction dust masks, what they don’t realise is that its a pointless effort, those who have bought PPF3 all you have done is take them from medical staff who need them far more than you do.

So the laboured point I am trying to make (and I cannot believe I am having to repeat myself) is do as your told, stay at home, wash your hands and be mindful of others when you are out and about. Its not hard, yes its boring being stuck at home but when 80% of the world has the internet there are a plethora of things you can do to entertain yourself or even more shocking improve yourself. We are all in this together, we can contain it if we actually apply ourselves.

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