The Sound of Silence

Silence can be many things it can blissful in a calm moment, deafening in a tense situation. If there is a sound of silence its an absence of noise which in itself feels almost dead, it is rare to have complete silence (i.e. no noise at all) because there is so much going on in the world.

As I listen out of my window to the silence of the street it is broken by birds singing and the odd child bouncing on a trampoline. Silence can be sinister and comforting in equal measures its dependant on both mindset and situation, if you are worried then your mind may play tricks on you, if you are calm then it will wash over you like a wave of reassurance.

However you feel about silence its important not to be intimidated by it, embrace it, let it empower you, awkward silences in conversation do not have to be filled, more often than not its better just to enjoy it rather than try to fill it, no one will thank you for it. I am guilty of trying to fill silences unnecessarily but I am also working hard to change that, my nervousness has a tendency to go one of two ways – panicked verbal diarrhoea or completely mute. One of these days I will manage to strike a balance and im sure you will too.

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