Will It Kill You?

When I read today’s prompt (kill) it made me think, how to write a piece that doesn’t bring up the obvious? The news is rife with updates, body counts and people speaking out – some even say they are sick of hearing it.

There are plenty of things out there that will kill you death is one of life’s certainties, at some point you will shuffle off this mortal coil. The key is to focus on living not dying otherwise you will only end up further and further down a rabbit hole you don’t want to be navigating.

There are of course things you can do to help and maintain your body, a healthy lifestyle is apparently good for longevity just ask any 100+ year old Chinese or Mediterranean. They will tell you a good life and minimal stress got them to the age they are. Stress however is something we seem to be picking up left, right and centre and its important to at least attempt to minimise it, it might not be easy but once you do you will reap the benefits.

A stress free life means waking up feeling rested and no impending dread of the day, a level of happiness that most of us hope but never manage to achieve because we havent found what makes us truly happy. Learning to love ourselves is the beginning of this journey as we find out what makes us tick and what makes us passionate, once you know you can find your way to your best life. Believe me when I say its in all of us, it might not be obvious straight away but you can find it if you are prepared to look.

Lets face it stress has been proven to kill in many different ways, whether it be loneliness, work/life balance, money it will find a way to push you over the edge if you let it. The important thing is not to let it and find a way to bolster yourself, deal with the issues which have arisen, life is trying to get you to fix it every time it throws it at you, so if it keeps coming back you can be sure its not sorted and it will keep coming until you cant take anymore.

Everyone’s experiencing a large amount of stress at the moment in lots of different ways, some will take it better than others, if you need to reach out there is an abundance of people ready to lend an ear and talk or help in anyway they can, there are lots of support groups across social media so if you need help ask for it and take it.

A light routine whilst you are in isolation or at least on lock down is important, your body needs a certain amount of routine and whilst it doesn’t have to be Sheldon from Big Bang level at least do things roughly the same time each day. Now is the time for self-improvement if there is something you’ve always wanted to do chances are there’s a free access course out there right now for you to start. Keep up to date with current affairs don’t hide away as tempting as it is, try not to listen to social media too much, there is so much misinformation its beyond confusing for even the most intelligent of people.

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