Its Not A Purse – Its A Handbag!

So I don’t often wade in on fashion faux-pas and the like, mainly because I am a fine one to speak at times. As they say those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but when its a matter of language its something quite different. I appreciate that English now takes many forms we have 100s of colloquial dialects in the UK some of which are like nails on a blackboard, America has its own dictionary which is fair considering, but please don’t go on thinking that a purse is a handbag its simply not a purse is what you put money in, your handbag is the equivalent of your life you need right now not just some place to stash your money.

The potential to get prissy about all these colloquialisms is endless, some of them acceptable others like a scratchy pen on cheap paper. I’m sure there are reciprocal feelings from the other side, some of the things we say don’t make sense to anyone else and it can be a minefield when you are learning English, even if you are English! It reminds me of when I was learning French as a child endless tenses, verbs, adverbs so many to remember, lord knows how I could tell the difference and it dawned on me, English has all of these things I just don’t think about it because that’s not how we are taught, we are taught about the three main tenses past, present and future at school yet we can use future pluperfect without thinking? e.g. ‘How long will it have been since we were together?’ Unless you are an English Masters or PHD it is most likely you will learn your more advanced English through conversation and practice, there is no amount of writing lines that will teach you how to use a sentence in a conversation.

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