Fakers Beware: You Might Not Make It

Watching Dr Phil is a luxury I afford myself every so often and the last one I watched was focusing on 20 something year old wannabe influencers. They rely on their parents solely to support them and seem to think that its their god given right to be supported by their family rather than supporting themselves. Dr Phil as you can imagine took their attitude with a pinch of salt, the first girl had “one million dollar trust fund” which apparently paid out $200,000 and yet after having it for over 2 years it was apparently still going? Dr Phil rightly pointed out that it would have run out after 5 months, the look that flashed across her face proved that she was either horrific at maths or she was “faking it until she made it” apparently it just keeps getting reloaded, she was rude, spoilt and expected the world to come to her, her mantra was make money not friends and it was obvious by the way she treated her friend that also attended the show.

She was apparently constantly busy ‘working on her business’ something that there was literally no evidence to prove that at all, she seemed to wear the same 3 Gucci items, had minimal Instagram followers, her excuse for not having many pictures was that she was self-conscious and yet she called herself the Princess of Rodeo Drive, ‘I’m always there” she chimed “you are privileged to be interviewing me!” to which Dr Phil responded “well ive never seen you there!” The excuses flowed and I lost interest, but needless to say Dr Phil recommended that her trust fund immediately cancelled by her parents (whether this happened or not remains to be confirmed). Today her following has grown but the paltry 6.5k followers seem to be largely haters than followers,

Its a real shame that Generation Z has such a warped view of money and fame, social media has created a platform which encourages narcissism and genuinely makes people believe they can be rich and famous at the click of a button, it then encourages a multitude of attention both negative and positive, the trolls have free reign to abuse just as much as the fans get to praise. As far as I knew its far more pleasurable to bring a child up with manners and empathy than a bad attitude towards others but maybe its because I’m a different generation having said that there are plenty of people from my generation who are equally offensive and vacuous so maybe it was just the way I was raised.

Current perceptions of worth are entirely money related, self worth for these influencers is dictated by their following, popularity and the amount of money they have coming in, they are judged by their bank balance and how many designer clothes they possess, the pressure that once emanated from newpapers and magazines is now applied by the generation we fought so hard to protect them from. Its a sorry state for society to be in and unfortunately I suspect it will only get worse rather than better. People need to wake up and understand they are just as judgemental as the magazines they proclaim to hate.

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