Constrained – Life Indoors

Its funny how a quiet life can suddenly get so busy….before the ‘lock down’ I would normally have no qualms in staying home indefinitely milling around the flat, sleeping watching netflix, and yet now I have been told to stay at home, the desire to get out of the house is insatiable, especially with all the beautiful weather happening. I am starting to appreciate my time outside as I know that at some point it will probably get more serious and we will be forced into a similar position as Italy and France.

I have been taking the time to build routines for both work and play, and the response of Fitness App companies has been tremendous, with some offering all kids of extended free trials and of course YouTube has an ever growing community of fitness videos for all ages. Joe Wicks is donating the revenue from his children’s PE videos to the NHS, and a perfect example of paying it forward. Many yoga instructors have taken this opportunity to go online and stream their classes for their regular customers which if this were 30 years ago would not be possible, with the closure of many public places we have all had to come to a compromise in this unprecedented situation, some restaurants have changed to delivery services others have unfortunately had to take a break.

Life is no longer the same and it will be some time before we return to normal so its important to maintain a routine whether you are working or not. Get up at the same time, it might be time to change your eating routine as you may now not be as physically active going to work but you will still need to feed your brain and as my friend found out hiding the banana bread in the freezer does not discourage you from eating it like a cake-sicle so treats need to be controlled as best you can, the 8 multi-packs of crisps you are hoarding do not need to be eaten in the first week, if you are stuck for nutritional advice there are a host of different options for you to try but id suggest that you try something that works with a sedentary lifestyle (unless you are super fit and can maintain your workouts in which case carry on as you were).

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