Adios: Onward and Upwards

Adios amigos Trina shouted to the world before she stepped onto the train, it was time to get some space from all the drama going on in her world. Life had been forceful, she knew she had been pushing her luck up until now, and now the law was laid down she had no choice but to do as she was told. The drama she was avoiding was self-made by the people around her, she decided that fixing everyone else was less of a priority than fixing herself, she had been ignoring her sub-conscious who was desperately trying to warn her. It was not that she didn’t want to listen but she knew it would be easy and all she had ever wanted was an easyish life she knew there would have to be some challenges but these were too much. Once she got some space she could reassess everything but right now she was number one priority.

As she found her seat on the his it began to fill lots of people going the same way as her, up to the mountains to get some fresh air and mental space. Life would be difficult for a while but digital detoxes were never easy especially when you had using technology for as long as she had, but it was the right thing to do and she knew it. A mobile phone had been the permanent extension of her arm for several years and her relationship with social media was taking over her life even with the access timers. The mountains was a black spot for technology with only a small GPS tracking network functioning reliably there was no need for a phone you just had a tracker with an emergency button on it in case of distress.

As the bus moved off she watched the town she had lived in most of her life slip away, a few people knew she had gone and the rest would have to just deal with it. In the future she might go back but that really depended on her journey and how much she managed to reconcile. There had been a lot of negative influences she hadn’t been fighting and the fact she didn’t have to be near them anymore just fuelled her conviction that going away was the right thing to do. She wasn’t running from her problems because she had brought them with her, most of the town had been able to upset her rhythm on a daily basis, self control was a skill she needed to learn properly without getting distracted then she could go back and regain control of her world back at home. The countryside was so flat you could see all the way to the mountains even though they were some 150 miles away, the clarity of the air was incredible not like the hazy air of home where the smog was thicker than soup. The heat of the sun beat down on the window despite it being February and a balmy -20 the snow was glistening in the morning sunshine. It looked a bit like a fantasy land with the seemingly untouched blanket of snow. She thought more about what was to come, it would be a strange road but she was ready.

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