Just mm Away – Space Matters

The six-foot rule has been a personal favourite of mine for a long time, most people dont understand that standing 3 inches away from others is likely to make them uncomfortable. If I am queuing I always make sure I am the appropriate distance away and that was before Covid-19 came along, people have no concept of how intimidating it can be having someone stood close enough you can smell the alcohol on their breath or worse risk being coughed on by someone virus or not. The British are professional queuers always have been always will be but its sad to see that our manners and patience have basically been thrown out the window and we now think its ok to abuse people verbally and physically to get to the front because we believe we matter more than anyone else. This is the reason why most supermarkets are letting one in at a time to reduce the risk for their workers, this is completely understandable and yet the public show complete lack of care to the situation – if you are going to get it now it will probably be from the supermarket so stop and think before you shove someone out the way for your own gain.

Panic buying is greed in its purest form and despite not being a Christian even I know that greed is an original sin and that you should love thy neighbour, think of the Good Samaritan helping the traveller Samaritans hated Jews and yet he still stopped to help rather than passing him by like the Priest and the Levite. We have a situation whether we have this elevated idea that we are more important than everyone else and thusly entitled to the last three packets of toilet roll we took leaving everyone else with none, think of the pensioner who has had his routine disrupted because the small number of things he requires to live on are not available – how would you feel if the shop didn’t have the things you are used to? Try understanding that familiarity brings comfort in these difficult times if you see someone in need help them dont just think of yourself, paying it forward leads to good karma, and I foresee a lot of people getting stung by the universe through their own greed, ignorance and self-entitlement.

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