Count Me In

Tessa looked into her teacup, she always read her leaves it often gave her comfort in times of uncertainty, she swirled them around and a few patterns formed she recognised most of it but she had never seen the last formation before. She took a picture and sent it to a friend of hers who had much more experience in these things and hoped she would be enlightened soon.

The message came back 10 minutes later ‘it means taking part, being in a team or uprising, where did you see it?’ Tessa was perplexed ‘what kind of uprising? Its from my cup just now’, there was radio silence for one of the longest half hours of her life, for some reason she had to know what it meant, she tried to think of a situation where this might come about in the near future and pretty much drew a blank but she had a feeling things were about to change. Finally the reply came back ‘right well think of it as an opportunity and don’t read too much into it life will guide you through’.

That didn’t help Tessa but she tried to put to the back of her mind as her friend told her to, opportunities are created more than them just happening to you, she had seen it in some of her friends. She carried on with the rest of her day keeping in mind that creating opportunities should be an enjoyable process.

The next day she was with some friends, they were talking about an event they had planned on going to, normally Tessa avoided events normally she wasn’t good with crowds but it sounded intriguing. They even invited her along, she hesitated and then suddenly found herself agreeing, on the way home she thought about her change in attitude, she realised that was her opportunity, and she had finally taken it, life had been trying hard to give her what she wanted she just hadn’t wanted it enough yet.

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