Pop Soda: 5 Forgotten Fizzy Drinks

There are plenty of drinks from our youth that bring back a nostalgic time when we were much more care free, here are 5 – how many do you remember?

  1. Tab Cola – Clear and fizzy but not quite as cola flavoured as its caramel coloured counterpart – inspired by a Red Army leader and designed to destroy both itself and Pepsi Crystal they fizzled out together rather quickly leaving a burnt Pepsi licking its wounds.
  2. Panda Pop – a range of cheap fizzy drinks sold to children for their pocket money and in cheap bars as a mixer, it came in a variety of colours and flavours which didnt necessarily all match.
  3. American Cream Soda – still widely available but mostly out of fashion again, this vanilla flavoured sparkling water remains possibly one of my least favourite drinks.
  4. Orangina – Still widely available not so much in the glass bottle which is a shame because it doesnt taste as nice from a plastic bottle. It was the posh fizzy orange you had as a treat when you went out for a meal.
  5. Irn Bru – Popular in Scotland this bright orange flavoured drink remains their second favourite drink apparently, i’ve never quite understood it myself unfortunately.

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