Pizza Your Time Is Now

When I decided on pizza for dinner it was mainly based on an odd craving for the doughy cheesy goodness that are delivered around these parts. This is not a review of the pizza place or the pizza, its more of an observation as the concept of convenience continues to know no bounds. I have been known to make a pizza or two or the odd puff pastry topped something but there’s nothing like having your pizza made for you, in front of you is even better but that’s definitely not a luxury most of us have.

What we do have is the convenience of food delivery, take aways of all kinds of cuisines available to most of us and ordering online has never been easier it’s no wonder we have come to rely on such things. The food may not be Michelin star but its pretty good for the price. In my house take away is a greasy treat to be enjoyed periodically it doesn’t have to be 100% authentic but its always nice if they go the extra mile. Pizza is different wherever you go the Italian crisp base a far cry from a Chicago pie both representing a dish ordered by millions everyday. In our town we have a strange half crisp half fluffy base which seems to want to please everyone and satisfies maybe half.

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