I Declare This House Open

When the world is playing a dangerous game of lock down (successfully or not) it is important to maintain a certain level of mental health. True that it will be some very difficult times for a number of reasons but life will carry on afterwards and hopefully we will be stronger and more aware. How does one maintain mental health in these turbulent times you ask? Well it is all about making sure you have time for you, I appreciate if you have children this is more difficult but time made is time gained so it can only help rather than hinder. If you need a few more pointers take a look back at my post from a few days ago here

Try and limit social media access, its entirely possible to talk to people without its use so do yourself a favour and unplug yourself from the mis-information try and pick a reliable source and follow it regularly for updates. I say this because its unlikely to be over in the next month or three so appreciate it will affect your life in some way or another for at least the next 2 years, there are 18 month plans going into place in the US, the UK are still flailing around at the back as per usual and taking it day by day with no real long term plan past 6 months, we will see how it pans out, I know we will get through this and as I say I hope stronger and more enlightened and aware of the earths position.

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