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The apocalypse is apparently nigh with the shortages of basic items in our supermarkets, mass hysteria from misinformation has caused panic buying on levels that Black Friday marketeers would be proud of. The international shortage of toilet roll has had Andrex claiming they’ve had to run their factories 24 hours a day to replenish demand and yet local businesses are suffering with the government attempting to enforce self-isolation and social distancing there remains those who rely on supermarkets rather than their local shops for their daily needs. Several interesting campaigns have started encouraging people to use their local shops more in these times of shortages. There are those who dishonestly take advantage of people at their most vulnerable like the man that bought 17700 bottles of hand sanitizer to sell at a profit only to be blocked by Amazon and eBay for profiteering, the only upside is that the gentleman in question is now donating them to his local church in a blind attempt to stop the Attorney General from investigating…he may not have escaped that one, but its fair to say he needs to be reprimanded for his behaviour.

I suspect that the world is unlikely to end despite peoples impression that the world will surely come to a halt because of the spread of Covid-19 – and as the UK Government attempt to try and minimise the disruption it has inevitably caused more confusion and hysteria. What I do hope will happen is that people awaken to how fragile life is – to not have a plan in case of serious situations such as this should prompt those in charge to try and create a plan before the next crisis not as its happening. There are things we take for granted which can be taken away in seconds and I dont just mean toilet paper. If you are self-isolating take this time to think about your position in the world, not just about yourself because the world is changing and you might just get left behind.

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