A Whimper In The Distance

It was a tiny noise in the distance, Kelly wasn’t quite sure what she had heard, it sounded like an animal whimpering, she looked round, it was so soft she questioned if it was real, there was nothing near her that might have made such a noise. There it was again, she started to actively move and look up and down the street, it must be coming from somewhere, the street was deserted not even an abandoned car. As she sat down on the pavement she heard the noise again, it was louder this time, she saw there was a drain opening near the corner of the street, she leapt over the road and peered down the hole, it wasn’t obvious at first but there was definitely something big and hairy in there, how it got there would have to be investigated later, some puppy like eyes moved into view, horrified she looked to see if there was a way of pulling it out, the hole didn’t seem anywhere big enough. Calling the fire brigade was not the most ideal of situations especially not knowing what it was in there, it seemed to big to be a dog but it was clearly hurt and whimpering it needed rescuing.

Typically her phone decided to have a strop, she dialled, “112 what is your emergency please?” she explained the situation, the call handler was thankfully an animal enthusiast so had sympathy with her concerns, “ill send out someone as soon as possible.” Kelly was relieved, she tried to reassure the source of the whimpering noise although it had subsided a bit with her presence, there was a cafe on the end of the street, she bought some water and some bread hoping that she could at least offer some comfort until the services arrived. She heard sirens in the distance, she hoped they weren’t for her, she wasn’t sure it was the best use of such facilities. As the fire engine came screaming round the corner she knew it was, she felt a bit embarrassed at the drama but not much she could do about it.

The firemen all jumped down, “we came as soon as we could, there’s an animal stuck in the drain?” Kelly approached them “uhm yes it seems to be whimpering, I cant get to it but I can see something big and hairy just inside the mouth of the drain but that’s all.” Before she could whistle angle grinders and every imaginable piece of equipment appeared from nowhere, the team leader wad on the floor peering in to see if he could work it out, he stood up just as bemused as Kelly scratching his head “guys this is a bit of a tight one, it looks like there is minimal room for any of the cutting gear so be careful where you start” one of the guys knelt down with an angle grinder and started on the edge of the pavement block the whimpering got louder and more persistent then the cut stone flopped out of its place he caught it just before it disappeared and put it behind him, whatever it was it was very hairy as the hole revealed more of the blockage. As they carefully removed more of the slabwork it started to wriggle free legs were flailing and suddenly a giant poodle exploded into view. Kelly was relieved and bemused at the same time what the hell was she going to do with a giant poodle?

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