Sticky Notes Everywhere

Kate sat at her desk, it had descended into what could only be described as disorganised chaos, she had been trying to keep her desk tidy, it made it easier to work, plus she didnt have to spend all that time cleaning the mess up before she sat down to work.

Oddly this time she didnt remember making the mess, surely no one had snuck in and rifled through her paperwork? She did a quick scan to see if there was anything missing, there didnt seem to be. She noticed one of her drawers was crooked, she pulled it open, it stuck from being shoved back in, it was empty, wtf? She checked the rest of the house, she had only been out for the day how did someone get into the pod? The CCTV would hopefully shed some light, she went to the living room and loaded it up onto the big screen, there didnt seem anything out of the ordinary, then she saw Zane waltz through like he owned the place going straight into her office. This wasnt good, if Zane was involved, he’d taken that information for a reason, she would have to see him even though she didnt want to but the implications if she didnt just didnt bare thinking about.

She picked up her phone to message him, he had beaten her to it, there was a message simply saying “sorry” she replied “call me later we need to talk.” Although she knew he would have done it for a reason it still worried Kate why did he need those files? They were useless without the coding system she had devised, thoughts rushed through her head, she ran to check her secret cupboard, it was all still intact, she quickly swiped it open with her fingerprint, all still there, at least that was something.

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