I'm Just the Cleaner

To you they are the silent workers attending late at night or early in the morning convinced all they do is play with the office equipment, they empty the bins, they wipe down the tables, they might even play with your paperclip collection. What they actually do is clean all the bacteria and dirty you wipe all over your desk during the working week, the snot you wiped down the side of your desk? Guess who cleans that off?

We stock up on anti-bacterial hand gel when we are fighting a virus, we are told to sing happy birthday twice whilst washing our hands as if the anti-bacterial soap taken from hospital (they have plenty right? it’s a hospital after all they won’t miss a bottle) will make the nasty virus go away, those all important 20 seconds right? The cleaners at the hospital at risk from literally everything that happens to waltz in from the street not just COVID-19.

Think about the cleaners and carers tidying and cleaning up after you before you sneeze on your keyboard and monitor and just ignore it. Think about others not just yourself, you could be a silent carrier not showing symptoms….

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