Polite: Why Manners Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

As a child we were taught manners, this came from parent, grand parents and other influential adults in our lives, they cost nothing and demonstrated a level of awareness that set us apart from the rest. All parents hope their children will have them and some are seemingly jealous of the parents whose children demonstrate them publicly, its evident that the thought process goes something like ‘why cant mine behave like that?’ Of course even the most polite of children have their moments and forget a please or a thank you and they seemingly go through phases of forgetting all your wonderful teaching but the base level of teaching is still there and it will remain throughout their lives.

As we all know manners cost literally nothing and yet are worth their weight in gold, they make the person on the receiving end feel good, they project your positivity and appreciation for the world. An important part of gratitude is paying it forward, if someone does something nice for you, show your appreciation by doing something, show your awareness, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or dramatic but it should make a difference. Life will deal you a few lemons, and lemonade you must make, it teaches you that every action has an equal and opposite reaction (to quote Newton’s Third Law) so remember that when you next get dealt a particularly sour lemon.

A positive mindset will attract positive things as we already know but how do we not realise that negativity does the same? I hesitate to mention karma as not everyone believes in it but have you noticed how if one thing happens there is almost always something else lurking around the corner? Depending on your reaction to the first thing it will set the tone for the rest of the day, identifying a day as ‘one of those’ rather than letting it go and carrying on is much the same as lack of manners. The person on the receiving end of your lacking will feel just as disgruntled as you would if they did it to you, you mutter that manners cost nothing and curse the fact that they are apparently have none. Consider your mindset going into the situation, were you positive and warm or did you let the fact you stubbed your toe before you left the house that morning ruin your day by letting it put you in a bad mood and then unfortunately whoever else you come into contact is with is then on the receiving end of your wrath. It carries on from person to person until someone in control of their mindset bursts your bubble, their act of kindness makes everything better and you are moved to reflect on your behaviour thinking about all the other peoples days you have affected.

As I have already said none of us a perfect but a little manners and a awareness goes a very long day, you cant assume to know how everyone else is feeling and a thank you or kind gesture might just save their day you never know!

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