5 Self-Care Habits You Should Try Today

Life sends challenges our way and we are expected to take the rough with the smooth, your brain relies on you caring about yourself just as much as the rest of your body so you need to give it the things it needs so you can knock any challenge you face out of the park. I fully admit that years of not practising self-care has probably made my life much harder than necessary so here are 5 suggestions for us to start with and remember you are always enough.

  • Digital Well being – our lives our in our pockets, we spend loads of time on our phones whether it be useful or not, using a timer app to restrict your procrastination is all well and good but using your own discipline is far more satisfying.
  • Take 15 minutes for yourself everyday – give yourself time, appreciate yourself, meditate, take a walk, be you. Positive reflection is a great way of lifting yourself.
  • The little things – changing some of the little things you eat – the extra chocolate or processed foods – try swapping them for healthy alternatives and listen to your body to check what it needs
  • Breathe – learn to take a breath but most of all go outside to an open space, this can be difficult in a city but there are green spaces, if not just find a quiet street not too close to cars.
  • Quality sleep – not all of us have a Fitbit and frankly I dont see how it can tell you the quality of the sleep you are getting, its not an ECG or EEG machine, it simply monitors your heart rate. Regular routines for sleep are important and if you can get your body into a routine you will repeat the benefits.

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