Gratuitous Violence Solves Nothing

Is gratuitous violence limited to Hollywood movies, TV programmes and games? No, it is something we as humanity come into contact with via social media, the news and even on the streets. Drunken brawls on a Saturday night are shared via social media either that night or the following morning, there are whole channels on YouTube dedicated to collating and sharing videos of people fighting, its almost become like watching a boxing match. People watching fighting and violence is not a new activity by a long stretch of the imagination but ‘amateur’ fights i.e. there is no organisation behind it at all, and usually ends up in arrests being made is now reaching a situation where we will be desensitised completely. YouTube are now using Googles policies to ensure that content is age appropriate, so if there is an age rating on the video will come into effect if you are logged on, YouTube’s view is that the kids use their Kids version of the app, well all well and good until they are using Mommy and Daddy’s account where they can just go ahead and open the video, I tested this theory and there are current videos clearly marked with age-restriction but realistically its meaningless if your profile is set up with a birthday which happens to be over 18. Parents cant be there all the time to ensure that their children aren’t looking at suitable things and you cant guarantee that your child wont find videos you don’t want them to see, but children having their own user IDs really means they need their own equipment to use with it as technology is becoming infinitely more affordable the likelihood of children having their own phone is much higher, but it then relies on the parent setting up the phone for them so that it is age appropriate, for example, my niece has always been taught not to touch anything on the tablet/phone that isnt the child appropriate apps and she is very good at sticking to this rule, but not all parents have the same influence on their children, is this really the kind of behaviour we want to be shown as acceptable to our kids? Its all very well expecting the rest of the world to police us but we have to take responsibility for our actions and behaviours, the blame culture is now so prevalent we expect others to do everything for us. The law is designed to protect you but are you supporting the law by respecting it and doing your part?

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