Axed From A Galaxy Far Away

The stars twinkled in the distance, Ellie stared up at a shooting star, she loved the moors this time of year, it was dark early so you could see the whole galaxy spread like a carpet across the sky. The wintry frost sparkled on the grass and crunched underneath her feet as she walked through the field, up ahead she saw the farm house glowing in the depth of the darkness, the curls of smoke rising from the chimney were slow and steady much like the lifestyle that it contained. A traditional farming family with little desire to grow much further than their farthest acre of land, which was fine if thats all you wanted from life but Ellie knew there was more to life than just running the farm and living a simplistic existence, she had no desire to be the next dairy assistant or manager for that matter. It sounded ridiculous when you thought about it, they were in an age where computers could run the world if we let them and yet we still relied on farms to produce food. Nothing wrong with farmers producing natural foods, but the addition of chemicals of all kinds had rather downgraded the quality. It was a case of bigger meant more money but at what cost? It would eventually start affecting humans, their digestive system was not cut out for such foods, prompting more change and upheaval, farmers once again having to find a way of continuing to support themselves.

As she walked down the small valley there seemed to be a little more smoke than normal accumulating at the back of the house, unless someone was having a fire in the back garden? She couldn’t see anyone around to tend to it, she picked up some speed to try and establish further information, the closer she got the more bizarre it was, it looked like something had landed in the back garden and was now billowing smoke, there was no one investigating, maybe they had all run for cover after it crash landed she thought. It looked like a large rock, nothing particularly unusual apart from the bright purple glow and the smoke, the heat was radiant as she got within 5 feet, there didn’t seem to be fire just smoke. With no one around it felt eerie, she turned to go into the house, someone must know something, there didn’t seem to be anything climbing out of it and it cant have been empty. Heading in through the backdoor the kitchen was deserted but that wasn’t unusual at this time, the living was as well again not that far out, she shouted and heard vague noises in the distance, it sounded like it was coming from the basement, it was all very cliche but what was a girl to do, clearly she had been elevated to heroine status. Checking her pistol in her holster was loaded and her throwing knives were in her boot she grabbed the long piece of silk hanging from the rafters. Advancing on the basement door which was open she listened for anything unusual, she could hear voices but there didn’t seem to be distress or shouting or laser sounds. At the top of the stairs she heard voices that she recognised, everything sounded ok, walking down the stairs carefully she gripped her holster, there were most definitely aliens and her family, but there was no invasion, death and destruction as predicted, it looked like they were having some kind of high-tea with sandwiches and cakes, her mother never ceased to amaze her with the ability to put on a spread at short notice.

Ellie looked around, dumbstruck by the scene in front of her, her father looked up “oh hi Ellie, wont you sit down for some tea?” a refined accent had appeared from no-where, all was not right, something was very wrong, not wishing to alert suspicion she nodded and sat down, from nowhere appeared a cup with tea in it and a slice of cake, her mother was fussing on the other side of the room with something, her dad’s eyes seemed disconnected, the piercing blue was a dark charcoal grey. The aliens didnt look like anything spectacular, nothing like a Hollywood film but there was something off about them, like the villains from Superman, they potentially had super human strength and laser beam eyes.

To be continued.

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