Its Just Not Cricket!

The spread of the coronavirus has caused governments to have to think of a strategy to prevent the spread of the virus, the UK government have created a 28 page action plan which intends to try and control the spread but they predict that a 5th of the UK workforce will be affected, they expect people to self isolate and work from home, they could close schools and parents will be forced to either stay home and not work or pay for childcare, we are referred to as civilians because we aren’t in the military and neither do we work for the government. Preventing large public gatherings will always be a problem because we normally have the freedom to essentially do as we please and to have that right removed won’t be easy to swallow.

Cleanliness is one of the most effective ways of stopping a virus spreading, I find it incredible that people need to be reminded of this when they run a flu campaign every year and we are reminded everywhere to wash our hands, why do we still have this problem? The media create mass hysteria through people reading but not seemingly understanding what they are reading which is how we end up with shortages of items like face masks and toilet paper of all things!

Life is always a challenge, stay happy and healthy in this turbulent times.

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