Professor Whitefield I Presume?

Jade walked down the hallway, it was empty apart from herself and a new figure she hadn’t met. As she walked closer she could see him stopped in front of one of the many news boards dotted around the school, he was medium height with modern dark brown hair cut (a little longer on top fluffed up into a quiff), the cliche brown cardigan looked oddly stylish on him, and although the green corduroys were a fashion war crime on everyone else somehow he made them look good, like no one else had or was ever going to. This new breed of Professor was an intriguing notion to Jade who had met several of the younger ones, still struggling with their sexuality and their ability to teach others, no where near as experienced looking or knowledgeable even.

She stood next to him trying to pick out the square he was staring at, he seemed deep in thought for a moment, his glasses were almost hipster with their black plastic frames but of course his aura just tipped it over into cool again. “Hi” he said without looking round, Jade was frozen to the spot she stuttered inside “umm hi?” she wished the ground would start to swallow her up “I’m new here, I was wondering do you know where class 16b is?” the professor continued to an unidentified point on the board in front of him, Jade’s mind blew she was in class 16b but that must mean he was “Professor Whitefield I presume?” she did her best to keep her cool, hopefully she had made a good first impression “why yes, how did you know that?” he almost blushed as if touched by her presumption. Jade only knew because her previous tutor had spoken so much about him, he was the model professor as you might say. “I know of you, and we are expecting you I understand?” he finally turned to look at her “yes I believe we start in the morning?” she turned and bowed her head in agreement “yes that is what I understand from our House Master” he turned back to the board “well if you would be so kind as to take me to the room I would like to get acquainted with it before the morning” Jade was somewhat surprised she was sure he had been here before, surely his memory wasn’t that bad? “Absolutely Professor, right this way please” she indicated back up the corridor and they walked together discussing her old tutor, something she hadn’t done in a while. Life had carved a new path for her since then, as they reached the classroom door she turned to leave, the heat of his breath fell on the back of her neck as she brushed past him, “ill see you in the morning Jade” the Professor let himself into the room and closed the door.

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