Maybe This Time It Will Work

The advert in the magazine had said be prepared for time travel, Cassie wasn’t sure whether to to take it seriously or not and truth be told she still didn’t. As she sat waiting to meet the advertiser in question she wondered what she had gotten herself into, the swirls in the foam of her coffee reminded her of the cliche looking thundery clouds outside, the weather had a funny habit of adding drama to situations, it often matched her mood and she was never sure if it was her attitude to the weather or if somehow she controlled the weather with her emotions, being quite an emotional person meant that it could go a long way to explaining how random the weather could be, but it still sounded ridiculous and she favoured the first situation as far more likely.

Entering the cafe from the other side Tom saw Cassie straight away, the red flower in her hair, the slightly steampunk makeup and dress, it was almost everything he could have dreamt of, it gave him hope that it would work this time. Walking between the tables he nodded slightly to a few that recognised him and subtly ignored the rest, Cassie looked up just as he drew near, his gaze made her feel like the only girl in the room the atmosphere felt charged like they would suddenly disappear simultaneously into another time and place without warning. This of course didn’t happen they both remained in the room in that moment for the time being at least. Tom sat down opposite Cassie, she smiled and shook his hand, “you must be Tom” he smiled back “you must be Cassie, I hope I didnt keep you long” he stared around the room, no one was paying attention to them but he still felt like someone was watching, he looked around him once more and spotted a familiar face in the corner, “I hope you don’t mind but shall we find another place to talk? There are prying ears I would rather didn’t hear our conversation.” Cassie wasn’t surprised he had picked the busiest cafe in town for a secret meeting, not the wisest of decisions “absolutely, I could do with a bit of fresh air anyway, it seems a little warm in here” she winked at him. Tom surprised, relieved and oddly a little aroused stood up and Cassie followed they went to a tiny cafe 6 blocks away.

Once settled and drinks ordered Tom looked Cassie in the eyes “you understand i’m not joking about the time travel right? We need to leave tonight if we can, are you game?” Cassie was still unconvinced but it still sounded like fun none the less “absolutely, im not sure how you think we will travel through time but i’m totally up for a trip across time and space, when are we going to?” Tom wondered if fate had been a matchmaker in a previous life then he realised what he was saying, “leave that to me, we are going back to warn my younger self of some trouble he needs to avoid, I know it might not work but it might at least do some damage control.” Cassie went silent, she foresaw the paradoxes, by all accounts it was too dangerous to work but there was something about Tom that felt different, the little she knew of time travel was very basic but there was always the unwritten don’t change the past to change the future rule wherever you looked, she just hoped it wasn’t going to turn into another ‘Back to the Future’ moment.

To be continued.

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