ZAR Is The Only Way Back

Serge was stood looking back on a life he wasn’t sure he wanted anymore, there were parts he would die for and yet there were some which he could take or leave without hesitation. ZAR was a computer program used to control certain chips in the current human setup, he could actually rewrite it to his exact preferences but that would defeat the point of the whole project, the last thing he wanted was skewed results after all the work they had put in. Serge wanted to see what the algorithm of life had to say, it had made itself more than clear that challenges would be thrown down, the how was going to be the fascinating part. The screen showed a screen filled with random codes, to anyone else it meant nothing to him it was the whole program laid out in text format, removing a bracket would break it completely blinking the ‘simulation’ out of existence.

Sitting at his desk he weighed up his options, it was a unique position to be in, the ability to change and adapt made easier by insight. Turning the chips back on would pick up his new thought signals how would the algorithm react, would it automatically make life harder or would it be easier? Either would be rewarding because he would be learning how the system works, does it punish people for having hindsight? This wasn’t an option they had thought about when they wrote it but it had subsequently shown itself as an issue, the system didn’t accept hindsight automatically assuming the subject couldn’t change, despite thought patterns changing it ignored them and carried on with its script.

Serge knew sitting and thinking would help nothing, he needed to get back in there and accept the consequences, cheating was not going to get him the outcome he wanted, all he wanted was a successful experiment, he knew the rest would come.

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