Plus One Unicorn Please

Claire stood at the travel desk, bringing Amelia was a bold move, travelling with a small child was always a challenge. Amelia had insisted that the unicorn was coming too, Claire hadn’t the heart to argue and it would be ideal to comfort her later, they had to get away this was not the place to bring up a child, it wasn’t the city that was the problem per-say it was the people around them, the ones in their lives regularly not passers by. The need for positive influences were clear when Amelia started coming home with some odd behaviours, it wasn’t clear where she had seen them, it certainly wasn’t at home and definitely not from school, those behaviours were different – the usual childish things like swearing and spitting, as much as she loathed that she learnt it there were far worse to learn that couldn’t be reversed so easily.

Amelia’s father had made like a banana and split some long time ago, they had no idea where he had gone, it was the classic “i’m going out for a packet of cigarettes” scenario, Claire had known it was coming, he wasn’t good at hiding his desire to travel, the irony was he would probably still turn up wherever they moved to, just like he had done to Claire in the past. She had an unnerving feeling that he hadn’t gone that far and it was just a ploy to get away from the ‘family life’ he never wanted, he had made it more than clear when she was pregnant with Amelia that this was never what he had wanted. Claire didn’t believe in abortion so there were many arguments but he decided he would stick around for a while, fatherhood sadly didn’t suit him – he never once helped in any way shape for form, she was 4 months old when he finally picked her up for the first time. A few days later he disappeared and that Claire assumed was that 3 years later, he re-appeared with a bizarre new interest in Amelia, it all seemed too good to be true and when Claire did a little digging she discovered the ulterior motive, he was making money by scamming people. She put her foot down and threw him out telling him never to darken their door again, he left without too much trouble and they were once at peace again.

The third time he returned to her life was the final time and then she knew that she and Amelia had to leave, he turned up drunk and abusive, this was something new for Claire she had never known him to drink. The nonsense continued to a point where she once again lost her patience, she called the police and got them to remove him, it was stressful and unnecessary for everyone and she swore she wouldn’t let it happen again. A few days after she notified her family they would be leaving, they lived in various parts of the country but she purposely picked somewhere else, she didn’t want him coming back to haunt them again. So there they were standing at the travel desk of the airport Amelia with her unicorn in hand and a look of charming innocence on her face. The clerk was careful to involve her in the conversation as well whilst they tried to pick a suitable destination, their budget was limited but by some miracle Hawaii was available, Claire had always wanted to go there, it was a risk but she knew it was one they had to take. Handing over her bank card she was terrified and excited all at the same time. A few hours later they were off, the clerk had reserved an extra special seat for the unicorn next to Amelia so she was happy and Claire was finally on the way to being free.

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