Supplementing to Achieve Your Goals

This is not really an article about fitness supplements or any kind of health supplement really. Its about using skills to augment your existing skills to achieve your goals. These skills come in many forms, life will show you those that you need and you do already have them, you just might be using them for something else right now. Say your goal was to become a runner and compete on a national level, you know how to run, you understand determination and most important of all you have a personal goal to achieve nothing can stop you, would strength training help your running skills? Possibly, would stamina training help? Absolutely. You also have a life time of knowledge which you have learned up until this point right? Think it might be time to start letting some of the lessons stick? Achieving your goal should be your primary concern, once achieved who knows what else might come along right? It’s important to strike a balance though between your actual life/friends/family etc and achieving your goals, its not always easy splitting time between activities but maybe one can help with the other. In an ideal world they would always be combined but it doesn’t always follow.

So supplementing your existing skills by learning new ones will mean that you can be prepared for anything life throws at you and surely that is the best situation to be in. To be able to to take everything into your stride and excel at the things you love will bring you happiness, being accepting of who we are is grossly underestimated, accepting we are happy is important, who are we to have to seek permission from ourselves surely we should just go for it? Love yourself as you are unconditionally as if you would your own child because why do you deserve any less? and I don’t mean the love of another, I mean loving and appreciating yourselves as hard as it may sound, Ill admit I find it really hard too but i’m learning, years of not has lead to a lot of relearning, happy to say i’m on the right track with the support of some very special people.

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